Halloween Treat Alert! Ghastle and Yule by Josh Malerman

ghastle and yule

Happy Halloween! The Bay Area is finally getting a bit of rain, and what better day for a storm than Halloween.

Also, what better day for a Kindle Single release from Josh Malerman, of Bird Box fame. Bird Box my list of spooky novels a few days ago, and Malerman’s Ghastle and Yule is the sort of calorie-free Halloween treat you can’t miss. It’s less than a dollar, so the price is right.

I’ll be reading it tonight as I listen to the thunder and await trick-or-treaters. (Do they even come to apartment buildings? I never know.)

From the Amazon book description, Ghastle and Yule sounds a bit like Marisha Pessl’s Night Film in all the right ways:

Two warring horror filmmakers are haunted by each other’s work in this tense, chilling tale of dark artistic vision set in 1960s Hollywood. Gordon Ghastle and Allan Yule are promising young directors who help reshape the genre. But as their careers take off, will their need to outdo each other bring them to commit acts more macabre than what they commit to film? Told in intimate detail by their mutual cinematographer, Ghastle and Yule chronicles the rise and fall of two geniuses at the stormy height of their powers—and what happens when obsessions go too far.

Eerie retro films, battling mad geniuses, a cinematographer caught in the madness! Put your brave face on and indulge in all the candy meant for trick-or-treaters your heart desires, because you only get an excuse to love horror this much once a year.

Ghastle and Yule on Amazon.com

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