science fiction reviews

William Gibson’s The Peripheral: The Past Is The Playground For The Future’s Rich

William Gibson is a master of near-future science fiction, he’s a speculative fiction genius who has been called a noir prophet, and The Peripheral is another example of why he gets all these accolades.

Jeff VanderMeer’s ‘Annihilation’ Will Take You On A Ride To Crazy Town

The Southern Reach of the trilogy’s title studies Area X, a natural landscape possessed, lost from humanity to unknown. Annihilation opens as the twelfth expedition begins their journey into this now foreign and predatory landscape.

John Scalzi’s Lock In Takes the ‘Artificial’ out of AI

In John Scalzi’s novel Lock In, the near-future brings a virus which leaves millions across the U.S. locked-in. Everyone has a child, mother, brother or sister stranded in a body that won’t work, while their mind is still fully active.