I’m seeing double – the faces on the covers of magazines.

taylor-swift-covers-wonderland-magazine-april-2013 taylor-swift-covers-elle-march-2013 cover-taylor-swift

Taylor Swift on the cover of Wonderland (April/May), Elle (March), Vanity Fair (April).

kerry-washington-for-elle-magazine-june-2013-1-600x834 o-KARRY-WASHINGTON-VANITY-FAIR-COVER-570

Kerry Washington on the cover of Elle (June) and Vanity Fair (August).

jennifer-lawrence-covers-elle-december-2012 jennifer-lawrence-covers-vanity-fair-february-2013

Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Elle (December 2012) and Vanity Fair (February 2013).

Is this normal?  Have I, by subscribing to Elle and Vanity Fair both, crossed some sort of target market barrier that was never meant to be breached?  It seems as if doubling up is happening an awful lot to be a coincidence – if a celebrity is featured on the cover of Elle or Vanity Fair, I can be fairly certain she’ll be featured on the other within the next couple months.  Is this considered a good thing, like proving each mag can get the “it” girl of the moment?  Are these two magazines feuding?  Is it chance?  Who knows?  If I said, “Can we get some variety up in here,” would the magazine publishers say back, “Can you just read a smaller selection of magazines so everything seems new?”  Elle is published by Hearst and Vanity Fair is published by Conde Nast, so it is hard to imagine some sort of two for one publicity deals going on.  I’m not sure about any of it, let alone if this an unusual phenomenon.  These are just the questions – I don’t have the answers.  And as cool as Jennifer Lawrence and Kerry Washington are, I’d love to see someone new stamped on that cover too.

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